Glad 2 hear u Randy.

Capt Kirk captkirknz at
Wed Aug 31 05:12:21 EDT 2005

Yay, so glad to hear you're ok, it's a bit hard looking at a map and trying
to figure out where everyone is (geez, took me ages to find the weirdly
named and sounding place that TINKERSMELLS lives in LOL)

And yehhh wow what an amazing gesture that would be, a blues jam to raise
money.  Brilliant idea. Might put it to the Muso's club here as well.  Kiwis
have always been pretty good at raising money for overseas stuff cos really,
we don't get the extremes like other parts of the world.  We have just
gotten thru the most amazingly calm and warm winter with the first of spring
upon us tomorrow and daffodils and blossoms blooming early, but that also
makes me wonder if it's gonna be a late one..stay tuned!!

I think we're out of that weather cycle, we shouldn't see any effects, but
then again, a butterfly wing etc. (mind you if that were true, what the heck
are the windmills for power going to do to the planet??????? Hmmm)

Great to see your voice back too Randy!

Where the heck is tink??? Come on girl, learn to type with your feet!!!!  Or
mouth!! Wahtever just get your voice back here! We need some more babble
around here!!

Luff n lite

Kirk :o)



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Kirky, I'm from the southern US but am living up north now. We are just now
getting the rain from Katrina. It has pretty much petered out and is
bringing winds around 25 miles an hour and lots of rain. No worries here.
Thanx for your concern. I've been watching the weather and news channels
since it all began and feel so bad for the people in New Orleans, Biloxi,
Gulfport and so on.I'd like to put together a jam for the people so effected
by this storm and send the Red Cross the money we make. What better way to
show respect for New Orleans than to play some free flowin' blues and boogie
and make someone smile. That's what the music is all about down there. It
looks like Guam and the Phillipines are going to get hit with a cyclone. I
hope you don't see any effects from those storms. Much love as always my
friend.            Randy

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