[Ibogaine] Boosters

sara119 at xs4all.nl sara119 at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 31 04:48:46 EDT 2005

> Hi Randy ,

thanks for sharing this wonderful news.
I'm glad to know that you feel that way.

being a control freak,playing mind games of shame, guilt,
sticking lables on people is just as well addictive.it is the brainwashing
mechanism, started when the industrial time started.
thinking from an anarchist point of view.

take care,


I can say from my experience in just taking a booster after about 10
> months
> from my big treatment that the booster did help me. I am in no way saying
> that
> it will help everyone, but it helped me. I feel re-energized, I feel the
> love
> again so to speak. Ibogaine changed my life In a great big good way. Even
> before the booster. I aint perfect, but I aint addicted anymore. How can
> anyone
> argue with that? Although I'm sure someone will piss on what I am saying,
> I
> don't care, I have a real good piss....... I mean rain coat. The one thing
> that I
> have noticed is that no one gets the same thing from the experience. I
> think
> you get what you need from the drug. Some people are just oblivious to the
> teachings of our ancesters. Pay attention or you don't get a good grade.
> Randy

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