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In a message dated 8/30/05 8:23:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Francis writes:

> ## I absolutely agree with you .... I think that the loosers who are
> >using  this list to show their pseudo writing talent and theirs art
> >in justifing theit own failure with Ibogaine should dedicate more
> >time to their own recovery and to learn how to get a REAL  life 

I do believe that by posting here anyone has a real life. Just one that you 
don't agree with. I see you come and go occasionally, and every time you come 
back you have venom to spew. Feel the love or go fuck yourself. Your choice. 
Read what Patrick has to say about the list on the homepage. This list has been 
here for us lowlifes a lot longer than you have been around. Everyone is 
welcome. Eventually the assholes get chased off. If it is clinical information you 
are looking for Patrick has a great list of articles if you are smart enough 
to find it and have enough of a brain to comprehend what is written. You and I 
have been thru this before. And by the way would you at least TRY and spell 
rite? It is anoying to reed thi bulshit you putt oit and figyer what thi hel it 
is yuu are triing to say.    Love and stricnine      Randy
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