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While I can't answer the question and don't know anything about Dr.
Mash's secret data horde or Dr. Kroupa's results from playing mad
scientist ;) I do know that URL puts you in the middle of the series
Patrick wrote for Heroin Times ;)

The article is at: 



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> In a message dated 8/30/05 10:02:48 AM, sjonnygee at msn.com writes:
> > 
> > I may be completely mistaken here but I had an idea that
> Noribogaine levels 
> > can build up insidiously to toxic levels if repeated doses are
> taken within 
> > short time periods - I read (or misread) something to that effect.
> That's what 
> > I meant by residual build up (if that makes sense), I'm sure you
> can provide 
> > an answer and some clarity to this.
> >  Regarding dose regimens, the only experience I have is a one time 
> > treatment(1.2grms). What I really wanted to know was roughly what
> sort of dosage would 
> > be used for a booster and how often could you take one. That's what
> inspired 
> > my concern about toxicity.
> > 
> Sjonny,
> Good questions but, I can't give you the answers.   The only person
> with any 
> data on ibogaine and noribogaine levels is Deborah Mash and I'd have
> to see 
> all of her data to feel comfortable with it.   Mash is the only
> person to have 
> done toxicity studies on noribogaine in the form of what are called
> LD50 
> studies where you look at the percentage of animals that die from
> given doses of any 
> drug.   These studies that were in mice are also unpublished.   
> What we do know from reports that have come to this list is that most
> persons 
> taking low dose ibogaine usually stop after about two weeks because
> they 
> begin to feel run down or, just want to stop.
> Patrick Kroupa and Hattie Wells published, "Ibogaine in the 21st
> Century: 
> Boosters, Tune-ups and Maintenance" that is available from 
> http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/index.html?Articles/HT-08.htm~mainFrame 
> Just scroll down till you see it or search google for the article.
> Doses are determined by individual responses and what you are trying
> to 
> achieve.   It is always good to be concerned about toxicity.  
> Ibogaine is 
> considered experimental and there is a lot yet to be learned.   That
> could be said for 
> everything.   If I had hard data I would share it but I don't.
> Best regards.
> Howard

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