[Ibogaine] This list has become lame

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Tue Aug 30 23:32:21 EDT 2005

>.i was not
about to mention this in my 1st contribution to the
list,but since the topic has been

I dunno, for a first post you're making useful, timeworthy postings chock 
full of helpful info and links to further explor...oh, wait, that musta been 
someone else.
    No, seriously, instead of complaining about how other people's posts are 
"a drag," or "lame" why not actually contribute a thread YOU or YOU oh so 
cheerful Francis would like to dicuss here.
    I mean it. What's with all the complaining about list content when you 
aren't making ANY worthwhile or otherwise posts to the list EXCEPT to bitch 
and moan about other people's posts? Why do you bother? Why not simply 
unsubscribe if you're that bothered by a "few" people who post more than 
others do here?
    Out of curiosity?

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
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> yes,YES!!!i agree!i have been subscribed to this list
> for,i dunno,a good few months anyhow,and have,for the
> most part,been deleting the bulk of the email without
> gaining much if anything at all from them.i was not
> about to mention this in my 1st contribution to the
> list,but since the topic has been
> raised,well...anyhow,theres not much can be done,i
> imagine.most sites and groups worth checking out or
> joining end up overrun with nonsense from people with
> faulty egos,it would seem,and that IS lame.toodle-doo..
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