[Ibogaine] This list has become lame

m.finman mafinman at optonline.net
Tue Aug 30 22:22:56 EDT 2005

     When you get on a highway there are always arrogant, selfish, foolish 
drivers yet you still will use that road and none the less reach your 
     When you visit a bookstore or library there is an amazing amount of 
what one perceives to be lame, nonsensical and a giant waste of their time, 
however you can still find things there that for you will provide you with 
the knowledge and insight you went for.
     People genereally don't respond to stuff that is shoved at them in 
anger and denegration....even junkies.  One  who perpetrates this behavior 
might possibly examine their own shortcomings in these instances.
     If someone is looking for an inteligent informative thread  they might 
consider starting one themselves and see what comes of it.
      I've also never sprained a finger or thought it was a waste of time 
using a delete button.  Knowing what I don't care for brings me closer to 
what I do.
                                  Been lurking lately but still send much 
  I passed my one year mark and life is good!
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> yes,YES!!!i agree!i have been subscribed to this list
> for,i dunno,a good few months anyhow,and have,for the
> most part,been deleting the bulk of the email without
> gaining much if anything at all from them.i was not
> about to mention this in my 1st contribution to the
> list,but since the topic has been
> raised,well...anyhow,theres not much can be done,i
> imagine.most sites and groups worth checking out or
> joining end up overrun with nonsense from people with
> faulty egos,it would seem,and that IS lame.toodle-doo..
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