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Tue Aug 30 20:22:08 EDT 2005

To ask a simple question, why is it that people who like to talk about
god and love, or in your case specifically quote out of the bible,
always seem to fill up their messages with the ugliest and angriest
thoughts that do nothing except disrespect people?

You reposted some message from 3 months ago to restart shit, there
isn't any other possible reason to put it out there.

Not to point any fingers, but to add it up and do some math.

Many of the messianic personalities who spew bile here and disrespect
everyone, are the same ones using this very list to find new customers,
clients, patients, however you want to call them. Treating them with
ibogaine, which is a schedule 1 substance in the country you live in,
so you're using this list to commit felonies, make money, help people
in theory and on top of all of that you're still angry and bitter,
while talking about love and healing.

What am I missing, why doesn't this make any sense?

Maybe the top 5 of the angriest messianic personalities who feel they
aren't getting enough attention or airtime, should get together and
petition Mindvox to build them a shrine. Would that help?

I often don't have the time to read this list either, when I see 500
new messages, yes I admit that I pick the 3 or 4 names I'm interested
in and skip the rest, but why does it make you so angry that people
with drug problems are talking here? Is attacking and belittling them
supposed to cause some great healing to happen? 

I really don't get it. If you're so angry about everything, then just
leave, it's not like anyone is going to miss these gems you write.


--- Ibogi Boogie Boogie <GardenRestaurant at comcast.net> wrote:

> You wrote :
> "The list is dominated by 3+  main annoying people (who I immediately
> delete when I see any post from them) that only clutter up the rare
> important comments or responses."
> AND ...
> Its no longer worth it.  If anyone (I value H.Lotsof and Schmooly's
> etc... posts) has a sight that deals in details of Ibogaine/similar
> treatment, I'd appreciate an email to my personal email, not to
> Mindvox, as I am quitting this list.
> ## I absolutely agree with you .... I think that the loosers who are
> using  this list to show their pseudo writing talent and theirs art
> in justifing theit own failure with Ibogaine should dedicate more
> time to their own recovery and to learn how to get a REAL  life 
> .If they could shut up for a while, maybee they could hear some good
> , simple, practical advices but unfortunately they are too busy
> listening to the echo of theirs own bullshit coming through the 
> small net of theirs pitfull followers.
> When I am reading their E-Mail I always have the feeling that they
> are the same type of people who will go under their blanket to enjoy
> the odors of theirs own farts. This is just my opinion and I hope I
> didn't hurt anyone feelings specialy the one's  who recognized
> themselves in my description.
> God Bless 
> Francis

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