[Ibogaine] fund-raising for those in need of freedom root

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>Now playing:  Led Zeppelin, "When the levee breaks."  That kind of concern 
>is a big part of why Jeff shook the hooks off himself.<

Egad, yeah, and it's getting worse for those in NO right now, not better.
And of course, as has been pointed out by many elsewhere today, those most 
affected by the hurricane were the black folk of NO- just like with the war 
on drugs, it's often the poor and minority who find themselves brushed with 
a great big target, or brushed aside with a big "who cares?"

Peace and love,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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You have a point, Ed, about the economics of this treatment.  Although at 
least in the U.S., the underground movement of addict self-determinationists 
isn't really about making money.  Atall.

If this were about the Benjamins, the pharmy companies would have been all 
over it a while ago.  This is about liberation.  Unsprungness.  Not 
shackled, hand-cuffed, whatever.  Freedom.

How did Dana put it recently:  it makes you think and it makes you horny, 
and that's revolutionary besides all the sacred dimensions and shaman stuff.

But you keep treating it like just another drug, Ed.  It is a magical 
potency of profound medical importance. An amazing grace...

Thanks for posting Howard's new foreword, Lee, and HoLo, thanks for sharing 
so much.

I wonder if the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation would fund the Ibogaine 
Project. Or is that corporate whoredom?

Or have Patrick and Posse burned that bridge looooong ago??  Fuck, 
whaddooeye kNOw about that hacker-pride stuff anyhoo?  Nada colada.

It was both a freakout and an honor to hang by that playground, Preston, 
'tho I didn't get to mingle nearly enough with the friendly faces, and after 
a while we got thirsty for some beers & split.   Alcohol and tobacco - it's 
so legal it's practically conformist.

Now playing:  Led Zeppelin, "When the levee breaks."  That kind of concern 
is a big part of why Jeff shook the hooks off himself.

love, rachel 

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