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Not sure if I agree with the "fear" and "trust" ideas ennunciated below 
Nick, but I did agree with your last note, in reply to Ed Conn,  about the 
boosters issue.

Peace and love,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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>> Someone with the incredibly unlikely name of Ed Conn wrote in part
>> >The question is this when does one
>>  learn or atleast tentatively learn to live with ones own feelings and
>> actually find out who they are by allowing theirbrain/mind/body/soul to
>> communicate to them with out the need for artifice - which came first the
>> chicken or the egg - the human or the drug - so humans cant live w/out
>> drugs??<
>> To which I must reply in brief.
>> As someone who has had mixed results with ALL treatment modalities,
>> including ibogaine, I've personally found I LIKE being able to
>> take ibogaine
>> every few months, realign my brain and body, and not do my
>> recovery how you
>> feel I must to be without "artifice." What exactly do you mean by
>> that, and
>> how do you tell someone living in chornic pain, or was introduced
>> to opiates
>> by a doctor at some point through severe surguries and the like that they
>> are NOT normal or living naturally by wanting to continue to use opiates
>> that work to stiffle that overwhelming pain? Who the heck are you
>> or anyone
>> to tell me or anyone else what's the best route for us to take in
>> terms of
>> our pain, our addiction, or our use patterns? Who are you? What
>> else do you
>> bring to this table other than complaints and huff?
>> Thanks for your time, and I look forward to a reply, but doubt
>> I'm going to
>> get one.
>> Peace and love,
>> Preston Peet
> Hey Preston,
> Without actually wishing to commence another of our long-winded arguments, 
> I
> would simply like to point out that there may well be a relationship 
> between
> the point at which you allow... "anyone to tell me or anyone else what's 
> the
> best route for us to take in terms of our pain, our addiction, or our use
> patterns".... and healing to take place. To heal you do have to trust. A 
> lot
> of people come to ibogaine through a desire to "self-heal", to be able to
> manage their own recovery process, to stay in control of it. This is what
> actually attracts them to the drug. I think the best outcome for most of
> these guys is that they see clearly in the ibogaine session the fear
> position beneath this need to stay in control. They realize that trust is
> their actual issue. Then they can move beyond the fear and allow others 
> in.
> Nick
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