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for man I work with 18mg per mg/kg  the booster will make it 22 mg/kg
in the end of the treatment.

 I have followed this string with interest.  All I can add is that I have
> no experience with ongoing doses.  Only with treatment.
> I treated a girl with 14mg/kg and she started w/d (not too serious) 2 days
> later.  I gave her a valium shot which helped.  Next day she complained of
> lower back pain again.  I gave  her an IBO HCl capsule (about 200mg) and
> all symptoms of w/d disappeared about 20 min later.  No symptoms
> associated with IBO was experienced from this dose, and she is still w/d
> and craving free, although it is early days.  And happy, I might add.
> I treated another girl also with 14mg/kg.  She started minor w/d the next
> night, but with major anxiety.  I also gave her a valium shot, but when I
> attended other business the next day, she slipped her mother's care and
> scored and used H.  I Thought bugger this and treated her (at her request
> and with her eager participation) that night with another 10mg/kg.  Her
> trip was there, but not nearly as hectic as the first experience.  All w/d
> and anxiety disappeared and she is OK now without any medication.  (She
> also got rid of a few nasty friends and habits in the meantime).
> I speak with them both every day or so and they are both happy and
> positive.
> I have not treated men who complained of major withdrawals so far.  Can it
> be that I must give the ladies the same dose as the men (15/kg?).  Or were
> these isolated cases.
> Cheers all
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> Hi Howard,
> I may be completely mistaken here but I had an idea that Noribogaine
> levels can build up insidiously to toxic levels if repeated doses are
> taken within short time periods - I read (or misread) something to that
> effect. That's what I meant by residual build up (if that makes sense),
> I'm sure you can provide an answer and some clarity to this.
> Regarding dose regimens, the only experience I have is a one time
> treatment(1.2grms). What I really wanted to know was roughly what sort of
> dosage would be used for a booster and how often could you take one.
> That's what insp

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