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>Do you think
all the strung out folks in New Orleans are feeling okay right about
now?  Are those methadone clinics that make folks come in every day
for pisstests and what not  open in the middle of Katrina??  I don't
think so.  It's time for a cure. - rachel<

Hadn't even thought of them.
This post was so well put Rachel, thanks for taking the time to write AND 
post it.
Hope you guys had a good time at Howl.

Peace and love,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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I can relate a *little* bit to the idea expressed by Ed Conn -- the
concern that someone in the throes of their ibogaine rebirth may think
they need more not because they actually do, but because they are used
to their daily dosing regimens and think they will get sick without
more.  If a little is good, more must be better -- c'mon, that's not a
totally alien representation of the basic, underlying issue of
"craving," is it?  It was certainly among my worries when I was in the
position of supporting Jeff in his initial detox.

But from what everyone in the local nyc movement has told me about
their firsthand experiences of eating the Root (or rather, its
purified salt) you may want more... but not right now, not yet, one of
these days you'll go through that again... maybe.  It is a harrowing
process.  It is not fun.  It is not recreational.

For an anecdotal example:  one week after his flood to come off 60 mg
of methadone (no heroin for about 7 yrs previous) and a 20+ yr history
of coca-dope-fiending, my husband insisted to us all that he needed a
booster... and then it took him another week to get up the courage to
ingest it.  He is a veteran tripper... something of a psychedelic
adventurer... But having a vision of the veins being ripped out of his
arms is not a place anyone willingly goes again.  That's the intensity
of experience.  And that intensity is what mitigates against abuse of
this substance.

The freedom root is a medicine, a gift from the ancestors, and an
extraordinarily powerful substance.   That power is unique, and with
all due respect Mr. Conn, twisting it back into false comparisons with
the ordinary history of "the pursuit of intoxication"  (cf. Andrew I.
Malcolm) is just plain shortsightedness.

As for Cindy's example of "bad advice" from an underground source,
well, its easy to project frustration onto those who give counsel
instead of dealing with the underlying problem.  This person's brain
chemistry is all outta whack from various life experiences,
intoxicants, and anesthetic attempts at blunting the pain.  It's a
complex problem to try and come in from the ouside to assist in
healing.  So look at it from the perspective of providing without a
clinically secure situation.  It is inherently risky to work with
addicts in an uncontrolled environment where anything could be
stashed.   And at least several of the deaths attributed to ibogaine
seem to come not from the root's side effects, but from accidental
overdoses by recovering patients who do not recognize that their
tolerance has been "reset."  Given those facts, erring on the side of
"just throw out your old bottles" (or whatever) makes a lot of sense.
I know several folks who relapsed because it was very easy to do.
They didn't have to go score, they simply had to talk/beg/cajole their
family members into opening up a lockbox.

Anyway, this is all bullshit.  How many people have OD'ed in the last
hour that I've been writing this?  More than have ever died from
ibogaine.  How many people are suffering from dope sickness and hoping
they can stick it out "this time"?  Too many to count.  How many
families in the throes of addiction are inflicting pain and damage and
continuing the cycle of abuse that leads toward self-medication right
now, because of the stress of their illness?  Enough to make the
"family values" rhetoriticians choke on their own bilious hypocrisy
(and these are some pretty puffed up stuffed shirts).  Do you think
all the strung out folks in New Orleans are feeling okay right about
now?  Are those methadone clinics that make folks come in every day
for pisstests and what not  open in the middle of Katrina??  I don't
think so.  It's time for a cure. - rachel

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