[Ibogaine] Boosters

sara119 at xs4all.nl sara119 at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 29 12:54:33 EDT 2005


Please do not discuss so rude.cannot blame the poor for being
poor. concentration of richness that causes
problems in our world.
who is going to give the money for the  post Ibo. therapy to those addicts?

well, do ask me to be seriously minded. it helps.


 your right sara, and thats exactly why an alternative perspective is what
> if
> not just to draw attention needs to be put bluntly. The bottom line is
> this
> I know very much what it is like to walk in those shoes and understand
> very
> much the feelings of vlnerability and therefore from that perspective take
> a
> very strong perspective on talk about boosters and the like as perhaps an
> easy option and as I say put forward by whom?  The thing that has always
> lacke is interpersoanl support and moving away from long established
> patterns of engrained thought programmes to avoid feelings, this is the
> essence of addiction and why it is so difficult to combat and why it
> requires genuine interpersoanl support and maybe a voice occasionally that
> says something different.
> I wonder do you know what it is like to walk in those shoes or is that
> just
> you being judgemental??
> Taking ibogaine will always and it always has required on going support,
> were that does'nt exist what does someoine do...what they've always
> done...
> This is'nt judgemental and its certainly not precious either, its web chat
> to cause thought and perhaps enable the evocation of choice, all being
> valid. So please do'nt give me your self righteous stuff thanks.
> If you want to be serious about addiction you need to be seriously minded
> and not just rely on a chemical alternatives, but hey if that's all you
> can
> do who am I to comment.???
> Ed

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