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> Howard, please help me to remember.  I know that in one post you stated that 
> it is your experience
>  that individuals who have more than one experience with Ibogaine did 
> "better" in the long run than those
>  who stopped with just one?  I am a pack rat and keep all relevant posts.  
> But, I am also lazy and really
>  don't feel like I have time to read through each and every one of your 
> posts!!!!  I will if I have to!!!
>  Regards
>  ann
> Hi Ann,

I have probably said it in a number of papers but, you can find it in my 
original patent for the treatment of opioid dependence as well, 

At the time of that work it was not a matter of treating when a subject 
returned to drug use but, as part of a research paradigm to determine the effects 
of multiple dose regimens.

Regards as always.


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