meditation and boosters

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Mon Aug 29 04:59:39 EDT 2005

It is hard to sit still. Takes practice. Even in stillness, we move to get
No-thought is kindof an inacheivable ideal. Initially, as one practices
mind stillness, one becomes more aware of everything, and there can be
almost immediate practical benefits like better organization and
relaxation, as you said.
It's good for meditation to keep the spine straight.
Right. There are many variations, walking meditation, thru the woods maybe.

One of the main lessons I have learned from this list is how individual our
needs are. Some people need boosters, some don't, and everything inbetween.
Many people on this list have very serious physical issues that
realistically may require life-long medication and/or therapy. The medical
peops have not developed their pain control area well enough yet.

I was on the list for about a year, about a year ago. My computer suddenly
had a collapse and we went thru an adjustment. Now I'm up on a fast system,
with new addresses (got rid of aol), etc..

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