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> every a-hole with a opinion can power trip on 
> >holding the 
> >cure for addiction over people's heads. Some of the advice the 
> >underground has 
> >given my friends is stupid beyond belief, i won't name names but 
> >telling people 
> >to throw away their meds because they're clean now 

The only time I ever heard someone say to not take their anti depressents is 
right after the big flood dose of Ibogaine because it effects the same areas 
in the brain that Ibogaine does. It's dangerous. 2  weeks after the flood if 
people still feel the need for anti depressents and anti physcotics they can do 
so on their on free will. I've only heard a provider say to not listen to the 
doctors when they say that no one can ever get off of Methadone. Just what 
providers you been hangin' with? My provider (underground) told me to keep my 
options open when it comes to anti deppresents and the like. I haven't felt the 
need for them since I took my big dose. I bogaine works better for me.      
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