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Ed, I had a guy who is a major provider tell me that I didn't need a booster 
for pretty much the same reasons that you just stated. I respect this man very 
much and I thought about it for another 2 months before I took my booster. 
But, the fact of the matter is that Ibogaine works like nothing else for me. 
Believe me bro I tried EVERYTHING else. Rapid detox, intense behavoir mod 
therapy, 12 steps, cold turkey (at least 15 times), I even thought about becoming a 
hermit for about a year to get away from the drugs and the cravings. Give me 
1000 22 rounds and about 100 30.06 rounds and I could live anywhere. That shit 
just won't work for me. Are you trying to say that we shouldn't use a drug that 
takes away cravings and helps with depression because in your opinion it is 
weak? Have you ever been addicted to the point that it was killing you? I've 
been addicted off and on since 1975. Mostly on. I took the big flood back in 
sept. 28th of last year to get off of methadone and heroin and oxy's. That life 
sucked worse than anything I have been thru so far. So fuck it, if I have to 
take a booster to make me feel better every month I will. I don't think it will 
come to that, but I would if I have to. Here's one for ya. I'm gonna do 
another whole session as soon as I can work it out. Probably in about 2 months or 
so. I have some important work to get done in the next few weeks and I want to 
be as prepared as I can for it. Maybe you would rather me take prozac or 
something. I tried that too. There are some of us that really have a chemical 
imbalance and I think you are pretty shallow for putting peope down for doing what 
they feel helps them. You ever tried it? Ibogaine is the most important drug to 
surface in a long time. People like you aint helping. The addicts that have 
taken Ibogaine and gotten some real benifit know what I'm talking about. Yea 
sure, eventually we shouldn't need anything. But I personally have been fighting 
addiction for 30 years. Why in Gods name would I stop doing what works for me 
because someone like you thinks that it is a cop out. I'm trying to be 
rational here but you kinda pissed me off with your attitude about something that 
really works for a lot of people. I don't know if you ever took any Ibogaine but 
if you did maybe you should try it again. I don't think you got the 
spirituality that most people do. Love and whatever works to keep someone from killing 
themselves. Thats my opinion. I have personaly seen Ibogaine turn around some 
pretty hard core addicts. How are you going to put that down? Should these 
people have suffered thru the cold turkey just so they have to suffer enough to 
remember it? THAT SHIT DOESN"T WORK dude. We need our mind broke open so that 
we can figure out why we take the drugs in the first place. I don't know you 
and I'm not trying to start a flame war here. I'm just stating my opiniion. Your 
the one pointing fingers here. Live and let live my brutha. Ibogaine has no 
equal when it comes to getting rid of withdrawals not to mention that the 
journey usually has significant impact on the person that experiences it. Not 
everybody gets it. I think some people are oblivious to the signs that they see 
when they trip. Too bad. I wish it worked 100 per cent of the time. You sit there 
and be smug, I think I'll do what works for me and Rock out every chance I 
get.         Randy 
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