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Jasen, I took a 3 mg per kg booster so it was in no way like when I did the 
big flood to get off of methadone, I took it about 9 pm and was into it pretty 
hard at first. I knew when it hit and I was ready for it, so I laid back and 
let it happen. Images of  scary looking art work like Dante's Inferno started 
appearing, evil looking lizard type beings looked like they were taunting me. I 
saw what I imagined the toad shaped rocks from Salmon Rushdie's book Grimus 
looked like. I can't say the sequence of when I saw these things other than the 
art work showed up first. I did see some cool stuff like some Dave Hunter 
inspired things I'd like to get tattoo'ed onto my skin somewhere if I could only 
draw like that. I've never had a tattoo but if someone could make it look like 
that, I would go for it. Too cool. At one point I saw these dolphin looking 
creatures with longer snouts that had big teeth at the end swim by. The one 
thying that perplexes me the most was the empty gas gauge that appeared, plain as 
day, right in front of my face. It looked like one from an old sports car or 
something, you know, the round ones. That freaked me out so I kept trying to 
conjour up a guage that had at least something in it and couldn't. I did see 
other gas gauges tho, they just had no needle indicator to show how much fuel 
was in there. After thinking about this I figure that right now I'm runnin' on 
empty and that in the future I can have as much fuel in my tank as I want to 
put into it. It's true, I am running on empty. I haven't been doing much for the 
movement or even playing any really creative music. I've been jamming on 
blues, but I could do that asleep. I think it's time to get moving again and do 
something. Something I am passionate about. Anyway, it left me wanting to go 
deeper and didn't last very long. I was eating and drinking milk 4 hours later. I 
do kind of feel rejuvinated somehow. Maybe it's the power of suggestion. I 
prefer to think the Bwiti ancesters are kicking me in the ass to get me moving. 
Whatever, I think it helped.  Muck love to ya my brother        Randy
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