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Sun Aug 28 04:07:28 EDT 2005

I don't mean to sound preachy, but this means so much to me that I want to

Please keep meditating, even off and on.

Start by sitting still, just 5 min. Do this for a month (week..) and your life
will change. Try for 20 min., an hour. This calms the body. Observe your
thoughts. Let them go. Silence your thoughts. When thoughts arise again,
the thoughts. Sit in the silence. Keep still.

Most of us don't live in reality, especially us on drugs, etc. We see reality
through a veil. Most addicts, at least, know about the veil.

Meditation can get us in touch with reality. It can break the attachments that
hook us into patterns through thoughts.

This can be done alone, at home, for free. It's nice to have a group, too, for
You may go to most buddhist meditation groups without telling your story. It's
not like AA. It's not a religion either.

Good luck,

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