Krista & staying clean.

Capt Kirk captkirknz at
Sun Aug 28 02:30:35 EDT 2005

Hi Krista,  I too have never clicked with 12 steps, and I'm still on
methadone but the longest clean time was during a time where I found an
excellent group and did two years worth of courses called inner growth and
spiritual development. What I feel helped in that time was meditation, and
after 2 years I was very calm, positive, happy.... not perfectly so, but
able to deal with most stresses which tend to come our way....and which
always gives me my excuse to run for a drug (saying "and people wonder why I
take drugs?? Grr mumble mutter mutter).
Anyway.....I wonder if you've tried any kind of meditation type exercise? 
I was clean for 3 months after coming off methadone quickly and was very
positive and happy during detox (whilst still feeling like shite).  Sadly,
the people running the courses decided to take them overseas, and left
nothing here, I was still with co-dependant partner, and little by little I
went back to using.
C'est la vie.
I hope you find a method that helps, although I realize it's a combination
of changes and efforts that ultimately do the trick..
All the best with it
Kirk xx

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