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Jeff Gallop jeffgallop at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 11:21:58 EDT 2005

That *is* some killer eye candy! 
I never knew that Dave was a poster artist as well..and apparently Steve 
Kimock digs him enough to use his stuff a lot! 
Jerry Garcia called Steve his favorite guitarist and SK's work in the first 
post Jerry Dead Configurations is among my favorite of that era...
 Going to Howl Fest today to work the Ibo Table with Rachy.
 Freak Freely!

 On 8/27/05, Patrick K. Kroupa <digital at phantom.com> wrote: 
> Dave has once again iterated Gammalyte a few levels beyond where it
> was, and the results are pretty fucking amazing. If you're into
> psychedelic art, you should check it out. Many truly beautiful and
> utterly cool imageS, bursts of illumination and darkness, and rockin'
> eYe CandY:
> http://www.gammalyte.com/
> Patrick
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