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Eye of the Bhogi freedomroot at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 11:55:47 EDT 2005

This one's on the Discovery Channel, and is due to air Tuesday, Aug. 30th.  
Bruce faces one of his toughest tests as he is inducted into Bwiti, a
rainforest religion practiced by the Babongo people of Gabon. He's
right to be worried — on occasion the ritual, which involves consuming
an overdose of a powerful hallucinogenic, iboga, has proved fatal.
This dramatic episode follows Bruce's build-up to the ceremony, as he
goes hunting, collecting forest honey and spends time getting to know
his new friends, before they judge the time is right for his
"rebirthing" ritual.
Premieres Tuesday, Aug. 30, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
love rachel, neotribal critic

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