[Ibogaine] Rapid Detox deemed unsafe by medical establishment

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Wed Aug 24 19:52:45 EDT 2005

It's a DuPont drug. Trexan. If UROD is banned, it'll still be in 
buprenex. Or Rivea for alcoholics.

They keep trying to force this stuff on addicts, even though people 
hate it.

The narc faction likes it because it's "punishment therapy." Because it 
does what ibogaine doesn't-- actually takes away yr freedom to use. As 
long as you're compliant, or have an implant.

BTW, did I mention that it makes you go bald and impotent?

Whereas nor-ibogaine makes you horny, and gives you the "ibogaine glow?"

So as long as the Christian right is running the country, ibogaine will 
continue to be illegal, and they'll keep trying to force this crap down 
our throats.

Did anyone see the article in this morning's NY TIMES about the 
daughter of the new police commish in Baltimore who's turning tricks at 
36 and wants to quit dope--but can't? The funny thing is that Peter 
Beilenson (mentioned in the story) KNOWS about ibogaine. I briefed him 
myself when he was Baltimore's Health Commish. But he never told anyone 
about it because he's with the Nadelman camp-- doesn't want to distract 
or confuse the public with extraneous facts whilst they're busy getting 
trials of heroin maintenance vs. methadone going in places like 
Vancouver and Switzerland.

Some one should try to get Patrick to pressure Ethan to allow more 
ibogaine content at the Drug Policy Alliance Conference in November. We 
were so good in New Orleans!


On Aug 24, 2005, at 9:50 AM, Ms Iboga wrote:

> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20050824/ap_on_he_me/detox_study
> Wow, what took these bozos so long?  We lowly junkies had this figured 
> about several years ago....
> J.

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