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> Hi Jack, The Salt Lake Tribune is a surprisingly good little paper.  It 
> has been an independent family owned paper since its inception. 
> Periodically it infuriates Mormons and the Deseret News,the  church owned 
> evening paper, trys to buy them out against their will. I think the last 
> such war was a year or two ago. I don't know who won but it sounds like 
> the same people still have editorial control. In terms of objectivity it 
> beats the San Francisco Chronicle almost always,
> which might come as a shock to them!
> Another interesting thing happened in SLC, Utah, probably the most 
> Republican state in the Union. When Bush fled Cindy Sheehans group for 
> Salt Lake City expecting pure adulation, the mayor of SLC, Mayor Anderson 
> urged the populace to take to the streets in protest and in support of 
> Cindy and the mothers of our dead and wounded troops.  They took out a 
> permit for 1000 people within sight and hearing distance of Bush and over 
> 2000 came. He promptly fled Utah for Idaho and was followed there as well.
> One sad note is that Amy Goodman, probably the best media reporter in 
> America, from Democracy Now!  ( www.democracynow.com ) mailed a wonderful, 
> unassailable tape from Cindy to Channel 4 Utah to coincide with the twigs 
> visit, and they refused to air it saying it would not be courteous to the 
> president.  I saw the tape and there was nothing discourteous, 
> disrespectful or objectionable in any way whatsoever to anyone.  But it 
> was a poignant plea for peace from a wounded mother...and I guess it was 
> just too effective.  ( They certainly didn't mind offending President 
> Clinton 24/7 did they?)  If you would like to complain at them for 
> refusing to air genuine news because they prefered to pander to the 
> current administration, here is the address for KTVX Utah: 
> Comments at abc4.tv.  News media need to be reminded that their job in a 
> democracy is not to be a propaganda arm for the government and that it is 
> a betrayal of trust to the American people not to report the news without 
> their
> own
> spinning wheel.  Maybe since they refused to air a legitimate piece of 
> news from an alternative source they would invite Amy Goodman to speak 
> about her experience in Camp Casey.  If you agree with me, please email 
> them now while you're thinking about it, letters en masse have a powerful 
> effect.
> Best wishes, Janet
> "Jack R. Lebowitz" <jack at NETSPACE.ORG> wrote:
> Update on the story on Pete Guither's excellent "Drug War Rant" blog
> (top story) at http://blogs.salon.com/0002762/ ... today's press is a
> tad more balanced, probably because of the outcry in the blogosphere
> and working the reporter involved:
>>"Utah media starts reporting on Rave attack
>>After only reporting the press release put out by the Sheriff
>>yesterday (and getting some heat for it), Utah papers are starting
>>to explore the other side:
>>In the Salt Lake Tribune:
>>Partygoers at a rave in Spanish Fork Canyon that was busted by
>>police Saturday night say officers used brutal and excessive force
>>to clear the crowd.
>>As many as 90 police officers from several agencies, including SWAT
>>members and major crimes investigators, stormed the DJ-driven dance
>>party around 11:30 p.m. dressed in full SWAT gear and holding
>>automatic weapons.
>>A helicopter announced the police presence as it crested a nearby
>>hill and began shining a spotlight on the outdoor dance area, said
>>19-year-old Scott Benton of Logan.
>>"The cops just came in wearing full Army [camouflage]. It was
>>basically brute force," Benton said. "I had a gun put in my face and
>>was told to get out of there."
>>Standing in a crowd of people near the main stage, Alisha Matagi
>>says she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when she was
>>thrown to the ground, punched, kicked and handcuffed by police." .
> J
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