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Wed Aug 24 06:33:13 EDT 2005

Someone close to me might have switched from heroin to suboxone and I am
wondering what the withdrawal is like. I know it has been discussed before. I
didn't pay close attention as it wasn't being used, and I didn't like the sound
of it - another meth or bupe. Also, he is getting it off the street, if that's
what happening, and I think a major advantage of this kind of a drug comes with
its legality, allowing it to be administered in a program that supervises

Thank you for your help and all of you for being here and sharing so much. I
have learned more about the individuality and pain of addiction issues on this
site than anywhere else, as I have tried to research treatments.

All these comments about jamming computers is a little puzzling as I haven't
found the pictures (or whatever is jamming). Sorta wish I had. But don't send
them to me, never mind. Maybe they were sent before I rejoined the list.

My suggestion for past emotional pain (to whom it may concern)...what's done is
done. For these fauxpas, one apology might be enough, or keep it to one word,
"Sorry" (period) if you are being pressed by an obnoxious person, who may have a
right to be annoyed.


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