[Ibogaine] To Ron Please Stop

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 22:55:36 EDT 2005

,"my graphics card is sooooooooooo fast it plays Doom 3 at full res."
[Capt Kirk] I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (puter lags everytime there's a battle
grrrr argghhh muttermutter lol)

On the sunny side of online problems, for the first time I can
remember, I've posted and not received Capt. Kirk's error messages :)
Way to go Capt'n, did you finally find Scotty to fix the enterpise? ;)

[Capt Kirk] Well aren't you a lucky bastard because even using Yahoo email
account I still am getting the dreaded email! I found a website for Concept
and forward it everytime I get it to every email I found on that website
(accounts, sales, help, etc etc) but still no human bein to be found. Gonna
send in some Klingons very shortly.
But am very glad if it has stopped bouncing to the list. 
Wait til I find a phone number, somebody at concept is gonna get a ear
Luff heaps

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