O.D's in the East Village related to Afghani de-regulation

orangesun Barrel kaliorangemist710 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 23 20:49:24 EDT 2005

   Anybody know whats up with the with all the overdose deaths in the E. 
Village? I read an article in the Times that the smack is getting alot 
stronger. I think that since the U.S began occupations and the post 9-11 
operations the quantity and quality of the herion has sky rocketed. Even in 
Syracuse (where i live)  my friends tell me that the shit is better now that 
it has been in the other Reagan drug conspiracy. I don't know I i can really 
say its better (myself) becuase people are used to the same ol low quality 
shit  in Syr that im afraid what is happening in the city is gonna spread 
out. Its a lose lose situation if you ask me. Like they say :"You can always 
do more, but never less" Thats whats up yall, be aware and "GO_IBO" if ya  

Arlo Zims
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