[Ibogaine] To Ron Please Stop

Vector Vector vector620022002 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 20:47:47 EDT 2005

Ron I don't hate you and don't care about your attachments, I have DSL
a new computer and no disk space quota. Most peeps don't have this, lot
of peeps pay for their disk storage space. If you did what you're doing
on any list, they would throw you off. 

Peeps have sent bigggg ass attachments to the ibogaine list before,
always by accident, when someone tells them this they say sorry and
stop doing it. You're doing your best to act like a asshole. You're
wasting other people's time and money.

I don't hate you, I'm not mad at you, you've made valuable
contributions to my life by telling me the secret origins of where Matt
Groening and The Simpsons ripped off Krusty The Klown from, sounds like
a identical copy of Koko the Klown, iguess Matt liked the show in his
childhood too ;)

In case you don't understand computers or even basic conduct and want
to ignore everyone here who has asked nicely or not so nicely ;), here
are helpful guides. No giant pictures attached.



Ask before sending attachments

Sending idiotic 2MB pictures, Flash greeting cards, movie clips or
other large content may be quite frustrating. Consider the fact that a
lot of people may have just wanted to quickly check their e-mail and
ended up waiting 20 minutes for a stupid attachment to download from
their mail server.

Also, on most servers that use strict quota limits, if a mailbox is not
constantly emptied, overly large attachments can clog it and prevent
the owner from getting e-mail.


Always minimize, compress or "zip" large files before sending. Many
folks new to the online world do not realize how large documents,
graphics or photo files are. Guess what? They are large enough to fill
someone's e-mail box and cause their other mail to bounce! Get in the
habit of compressing anything over 200,000 bytes. (You can view file
sizes in Windows Explorer. Simply right click on the file name and
choose properties.) There are several types of file compression
software available for these purposes. Do not send unannounced large
attachments to others because you think that photo or file is cute or
cool or neat. Ask first!

Many onliners still have to wait up to 30 minutes or more to open
overly large files due to their connection speed. 

To send large files that take a long time to download that may not
respect the other person's time, reflect their sense of humor or point
of view and may even max out their e-mail box is pretty inconsiderate
and lazy.

--- Lorenzo <lorenzo-aguila at excite.com> wrote:

> When more then one person asks you to please show some respect for
> others who are not you, not because of content of what you say,
> nobody ask you to change your thoughts or beliefs except maybe cheer
> up once in while but ask you to stop sending huge photo messages. Why
> do you feel need to become more annoying in way that is obviously on
> purpose?
> Please have respect for others, asking this to you look like it
> results on re-doubled effort to be more annoying. 'It was accident I
> don't understand computers!' and then keep doing it.
> I like email list to have overview of messages and read how I like, I
> turn off web graphics in browser I have email partition set for list
> that keep filling up with junk.
> Please show basic respect for other people and stop. Many have asked,
> I too am asking, please stop filling my mail with junk. Thank you.
> Cheers
> Lorenzo

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