[Ibogaine] to all of koko's critics ...he's evolved again cain't help himself; for the shuttle debacle

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 17:27:06 EDT 2005

Please go to the start page of the Ibogaine list and READ IT. 
I happen to like Ron, and have found recently he has found a sense of humour
that,  like ALL humour will not always be understood or appreciated....
It has been a pleasure to see Ron come from a place of doom and gloom to one
of more joviality.... and as you said...just DON'T READ IT.
I ALSO use a modem to download mail.... what's the deal with yours freezing?
I don't get it....I don't have top of the line computer either.
So, stop YOUR whining lol... said with a laugh and no offence intended...
Carry on RON.....that's what this list is for.. whatever you want to say on
any particular day.

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cain't help himself; for the shuttle debacle

Ron would you please stop acting like a whiny 5 year old and stop sending
this crap to the list. I use a modem to read my mail, find it freezes up for
minutes because it's downloading 4 copies of something I can't even open
it's sent because some arsehole keeps sending this claptrap.

The whole list, the whole world is not about your problems. Carrying on and
about poor me got tiresome 6 months after you started, now I just skip over
most of your messages. Inflicting this junk on everyone signed onto the
ibogaine list is carrying it a little too far. AFAIK this is the ibogaine
not the poor, poor Ron list. Shut up already, get off your arse and do
something about your problems.

If someone feels I should get cable access or a faster computer, please do
me know and I'm more then happy to send you my address for your donation.

Blessed be
Vivienne Elanta

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