[Ibogaine] dancing bwiti kills my self (ibo & nightlife pt II) ron to sch...(ot)

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
Tue Aug 23 16:43:54 EDT 2005

never heard back.  i'm thinkin persona non grata. just read some of the recent posts and you'll see why.  how was it?  pix?  always interested in motorscooters, always.  had dinner with Sonny Barger in '67 bout the time Oakland Angels broke up and he went south to get his scooter and woman. he stopped by my head shop after a speeding ticket to see the 48 Indian Chief the heat kept telling him about.  i traded it for dope 2 years later, the first of many regretful doper mistakes, ron. hope all is well
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  I will be on a 3 week motorcycle trip. If anyone from the group is going to be in Sturgis S. Dakota for the rally, let me know on this list. Would like to meet.
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