[Ibogaine] another ibo session

shelley krupa skrupa20022002 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 10:02:36 EDT 2005

Hi Matt, Ive done it all at once, over three hours & a very slow taper, if youre wanting to experience the real flood & be safe ,you can still do your dose divided into 3 capsules ,youll still have the flood, but what exactly are your safety concerns?best luck -shell

Matthew Shriver <matt at itsupport.net> wrote:Matt
I haven't done the capsule thing with ibogaine but I have with other drugs
that taste like ass, and I know people who have taken ibo in capsules. It
takes a little longer to come on, something like 30 minutes to an hour
longer, because your body can't begin to absorb it until the capsule itself

As for taking it in stages, the effect will be slower to peak, obviously,
that way, but that could be a good thing or a bad thing. The last time I
took ibo I did it in an enema to avoid nausea and it came on really freaking
quick. At the time it scared the hell out of me but in retrospect it was
probably a good thing, just based on the fact that I resigned myself to it
and it turned into a great experience. I sort of suspect that if it had
come on slower, I would have acclimated to it better and might have had more
ego resistance to the whole thing and therefore not have gotten the powerful
effect I did. Of course that's just a theory, we can never really know.

I guess it depends on what you're after, I'm more or less of the opinion
that you should take it all (whatever your full dose will be) and see what
happens. I have also always wondered how people can take more ibogaine
hours after they are under the influence. It seems to me like it would be
hard to stomach, even in a capsule. I could never do more than sip water
for a couple days after taking it. 

But the slow, over time, dosing schedule would be less stressful I'm sure,
and produce a smoother transition into ibo-space.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Hello people

I can finally afford ibogaine and will be having another ibo seesion next 

but i dont want to put it down with water and drink it so im putting it into

5 capsules 200mg each.

Will the trip be more intense if i take the whole dose at once? Preferably i

would like to take 2 every hour or so because of my health issues but if 
that means the trip is going to suffer then fuk it!

Anybody have experience with capsules?.....how long is the wait>?....is it 
the same as taken in a drink form>?

I just went cold turkey from an oxy habbit and still feel shaky but doing ok

however i know without ibo i just go back to using. In fact yestarday a 
buddy called me saying he just has a new batch. So im already jonsing like 
a mothefuker!!

Too much temptations!!

Pls send positive vibes for a SAFE journey(no need to send messages tothe 
list, a positive thought send my way inside ur room is more than enough)


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