another ibo session

matthew zielinski mattzielinski at
Tue Aug 23 08:57:25 EDT 2005

Hello people

I can finally afford ibogaine and will be having another ibo seesion next 

but i dont want to put it down with water and drink it so im putting it into 
5 capsules 200mg each.

Will the trip be more intense if i take the whole dose at once? Preferably i 
would like to take 2 every hour or so because of my health issues but if 
that means the trip is going to suffer then fuk it!

Anybody have experience with capsules? long is the wait>? it 
the same as taken in a drink form>?

I just went cold turkey from an oxy habbit and still feel shaky but doing ok 
however i know without ibo i just go back to using.  In fact yestarday a 
buddy called me saying he just has a new batch.  So im already jonsing like 
a mothefuker!!

Too much temptations!!

Pls send positive vibes for a SAFE journey(no need to send messages tothe 
list, a positive thought send my way inside ur room is more than enough)


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