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Mon Aug 22 04:25:59 EDT 2005

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> Ron,
>    Don't take the grumpy to heart- my box doesn't need the big attachments 
> either- so I NEVER open them.
>    Unless I know they're on the way.
>    So nothing you ever post as an attachment bothers me personally in the 
> slightest. Perhaps my box works differently, but it doesn't seem to cause 
> me much stress at all, any of your attachments.
>    New friend and all, I think I can personaly let you slide, as frreaked 
> out and grouchy at myself as I've been lately (what's with this cycle? 
> Anyone got a clue why I go up and down so high and so hard? I can be so up 
> one day, and so down later the same day, on extreme slides. "Stop beating 
> up on myself." Yes, I like that one, but it's hard not to always come back 
> to, "well, if you're really sick and tired, why keep going through it over 
> and over?" (This goes for smoking cigs too btw, not just opiates use and 
> sometimes abuse.).
>    Anyway, carry on all. I've been taking a short break from the computer, 
> going on line very briefly and staying offline for the most part- I 
> need(ed) a break. Still do somewhat. I've been writing a story out 
> long-hand in a notebook- it's kinda like painting compared to typing I'm 
> finding, much more tactile work. Not that this has much of anything to do 
> with ibogaine, but I coudl use some, so perhaps that ties this in to the 
> list topic.
> ;-)
> Peace and love,
> Preston
> "Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
> mistaken for madness"
> Richard Davenport-Hines
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> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] SLOWONE
> Thanks me Cap'n.  this freakin' forum sounds like where I work..... a 
> bunch of
> pussies for a bearucaracy that can't , no matter how freakin hard they 
> try, to get outside that box they are all trapped in.  the minutia will 
> and does kill me a little each day.  now i think the forum is bigger than 
> the gig(unless i lose the gig) so i'll keep trying to keep the unknown 
> players happy.  Macs on the house, my tab..Koko...I'm just a Klown guys 
> and we don't make much, the occasional county faire, an impromptu shopping 
> center carnival, and yes, i have to sit in on the ball throw where the 
> snotty little buggers try to drop me in the cold water.  easy money you 
> say?  guess again special ones.  KOKO From: Capt Kirk
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> Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2005 5:11 PM
> Subject: RE: [Ibogaine] SLOWONE
> Ron, you think you got problems?  You unwittingly send ONE big 
> attachment... everytime anyone posts (I think.. Not sure.most people just 
> hassle Patrick, a thousand apologies Patrick :o( I'm still working on it.. 
> found a website for concept and send every error message to every email 
> address there) they get the 'cptkirk mailbox is full that don't make me 
> feel too good.. So I think you can forgive yourself but perhaps a 100 back 
> whippings on yourself (cos for the life of me I can't think of the word 
> for that) might make it easier!  And if people paid attention they'd have 
> seen that you have atoned for your "sin".
> Ok people? HE SAID HE'S SORRYYYYY!!!
> Lol good glad we got that sorted. Sorry for the db mail error message.. 
> trying very very hard not to post til I get it sorted.
> Kirk
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> Subject: [Ibogaine] SLOWONE
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