[Ibogaine] Fw: Great photos of the Shuttle launch pad, etc

slowone at hush.ai slowone at hush.ai
Sun Aug 21 20:57:54 EDT 2005

I finally got a look at the pix - very nice.

> us poor folk dont have no high falutein power Point soft warez 

Maybe openoffice.org has something that'll do it?

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005 17:31:49 -0700 BarrStb at aol.com wrote:
>well i did OK on the downstroke but not so good on the up, maybe 
>you could  
>describe the cool photos? cause us poor folk dont have no high 
>falutein power  
>Point soft warez ,damn really 7000 in loop 4mb * 7000bigger then 
>library O  
>congress? heres my two cent (google earth) look up and down load , 

>a 5year old  
>boy told about it, FREE ,twenty years ago only the pentagon would 
>of had it 
>and  im sure the price tag would o been $$$$$$$ what is that thing 

>2+2=4&4+4=8&8+8= time flys when your havin fun
> Rerun

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