[Ibogaine] Fw: Great photos of the Shuttle launch pad, etc

BarrStb at aol.com BarrStb at aol.com
Sun Aug 21 20:31:49 EDT 2005

well i did OK on the downstroke but not so good on the up, maybe you could  
describe the cool photos? cause us poor folk dont have no high falutein power  
Point soft warez ,damn really 7000 in loop 4mb * 7000bigger then library O  
congress? heres my two cent (google earth) look up and down load , a 5year old  
boy told about it, FREE ,twenty years ago only the pentagon would of had it 
and  im sure the price tag would o been $$$$$$$ what is that thing  
2+2=4&4+4=8&8+8= time flys when your havin fun
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