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Thanks heaps for this Sara, I've felt for years that
this stuff is evil, but couldn't find much concrete
evidence to back up the allegation.  this seems more
credible.  It was even mentioned on a Hoax website..
that i thought was impartial, that it wasn't proved to
be nasty.  Well I'll  be forwarding this to all I know
that's for sure.
If I could draw cartoons, I would make one with a
person in hospital with lovely teeth from "sugar free
gum" whilst undergoing radiation therapy for a brain
WTF. Force feed this stuff to Donald whilst he is kept
in a public stockade, so we can also throw stuff at
him.  Perhaps a large dose of Ibogaine?

--- sara119 at xs4all.nl wrote:

> Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bioweapon Legacy
> Dr. Betty Martini, Founder
> Mission Possible Intl
> 8-20-5
> Before reading this article everyone should hear
> James Turner, Atty,
> explain how Don Rumsfeld called in his markers to
> get aspartame, a deadly
> chemical poison approved when the FDA said no:
> http://www.soundandfury.tv/pages.Rumsfeld2.html The
> entire film can be
> gotten at http://www.docworkers.com
> Among the many ironies of our modern world is that
> Gerald Ford awarded the
> Presidential Medal of Freedom-America,s highest
> civilian honor-to Defense
> Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on January 19, 1977. Just
> a few weeks later on
> March 8, Rumsfeld became the CEO of G.D. Searle to
> take point on a mission
> to force the Food and Drug Administration to approve
> for human consumption
> a known carcinogen and neurotoxic poison.
> Mission accomplished: Today some 9,000 commonly
> consumed products are
> laced with this weapon of mass misery and millions
> of people live with
> chronic illnesses linked to the artificial sweetener
> aspartame. It is our
> belief at The Idaho Observer that if some guy named
> Parkinson can have a
> disease named after him, then Donald Rumsfeld ought
> to have his own
> disease, too. Hence the term Rumsfeld disease A.
> Rumsfeld's Disease
> A Politically-Induced Biochemical
> Disaster Of Global Proportions
> By Don Harkins
> The Idaho Observer
> 8-15-5
> Today, Donald Rumsfeld is known throughout the world
> as the zealous U.S.
> Secretary of Defense who is waging a global "war on
> terror" in search of
> "terrorists" and "weapons of mass destruction." Most
> people, however, are
> not aware that Rumsfeld himself unleashed a chemical
> weapon of mass
> destruction upon the world in 1981-and it,s still
> out there destroying
> people all over the world. That "WMD" is aspartame
> and it has been
> scientifically and anecdotally linked to millions of
> chronic illnesses and
> deaths.
> The evidence shows that, with full knowledge of
> aspartame,s neurotoxicity
> and carcinogenicity, Rumsfeld, as the CEO of G.D.
> Searle, Co., "called in
> his markers" to achieve U.S. Food and Drug
> Administration (FDA) approval
> for the artificial sweetener aspartame, better known
> by its trade name
> "NutraSweet."
> Consumer advocate attorney Jim Turner, who was
> instrumental in the 1969
> banning of cyclamate in the U.S. for its link to
> various forms of cancer,
> met with representatives of aspartame approval
> petitioner Searle in 1974.
> The main topic of discussion was neuroscientist Dr.
> John Olney,s 1971
> study which showed that aspartic acid caused lesions
> in the brains of
> infant mice. According to Turner, arguably the
> world,s foremost authority
> on aspartame,s dubious legal history, Rumsfeld was
> apparently hired by
> Searle for one specific purpose: To obtain FDA
> approval for aspartame.
> Betty Martini is the director of Mission Possible, a
> worldwide consumer
> advocacy organization formed in 1992 as a voice for
> those demanding that
> the FDA reverse its approval of aspartame and order
> its removal from
> foods, beverages and medical preparations. Martini
> is even more bold in
> her charges against Rumsfeld. Martini believes the
> Washington insider,
> former three-term U.S. Rep. From Illinois
> (1962-1968), secretary of
> defense (1975-1977) and executive assistant to
> President Gerald Ford, was
> hired by Searle because, "He was willing to get a
> deadly chemical poison,
> aspartame, approved for human consumption"
> Background
> In December, 1965 Searle chemist James Schlatter
> discovered aspartame
> while working on an ulcer drug. The substance,
> comprised of 50 percent
> synthetic phenylalanine, 40 percent synthetic
> aspartic acid and 10 percent
> methanol, was about 200 times sweeter than sugar by
> weight and had no
> calories. By spring, 1967, Searle began conducting
> safety trials in
> preparation for petitioning the FDA for product
> approval.
> Soon after the trials began, lab animals (monkeys
> and mice) began
> experiencing adverse effects ranging from brain
> lesions and tumors to
> seizures and death. Yet Searle petitioned the FDA
> for aspartame approval
> in February, 1973. According to Turner, Searle
> provided the FDA with over
> 100 studies claiming they proved aspartame was
> "safe." Independent
> analyses of these studies, however, proves
> conclusively that aspartame is
> actually a dangerous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic and
> highly-addictive drug.
> Trusting Searle,s promise that aspartame was safe,
> the FDA approved the
> limited use of aspartame in dry goods on July 26,
> 1974. Turner and Dr.
> Olney formally objected to the approval. Their
> petition triggered an FDA
> investigation of Searle,s lab practices which proved
> that Searle had
> provided the FDA with inaccurate conclusions
> resulting from manipulated
> data derived from poorly-designed studies. The FDA
> reversed its decision
> to approve aspartame in dry goods.
> On January 10, 1977, the FDA formally requested that
> the U.S. Department
> of Justice convene a federal grand jury to determine
> if Searle should be
> criminally indicted for "concealing material facts
> and making false
> statements" with regard to its petition for
> aspartame approval.
> Among the many charges FDA investigators made about
> Searle,s shoddy lab
> practices was how rats that developed tumors would
> undergo surgical
> removal of the tumors and then be placed back into
> the study as if nothing
> had happened to them.
> The grand jury investigation was led by U.S.
> Attorney Samuel Skinner. In
> July 1, 1977, while the investigation was being
> conducted, Skinner left
> the Justice Department and took a job with Sidley &
> Austin-the law firm
> representing Searle. The statute of limitations
> eventually ran out and the
> grand jury disbanded without reaching any
> conclusions regarding Searle and
> its lab practices.
> Amid this controversy, Rumsfeld was hired as Searle
> CEO on March 8, 1977
> and immediately began cleaning house. Rumsfeld, who
> had no previous
> business executive experience before becoming CEO of
> Searle, reorganized
> several departments in the company and fired many of
> its high-level
> managers, replacing them with other
> politically-connected Washington,
> D.C., insiders.
> Though the controversies deepened and the evidence
> proving the poisonous
> nature of his company,s product continued to
> accumulate, Rumsfeld and his
> team continued to push for FDA approval of
> aspartame.
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