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Bruce, I don't know I just don't know, have you had any success with  long 
run taper programs w/ MMT,I recently spoke w/ a Mexico ibo treatment RN  (nurse) 
about the very same problem you are sizing up. His advice was, Yes  methadone 
is, but not always the tuffest habit for ibo to crack, so to speak.  However 
they have had success w/ patiens on as much as 300 mg daily dose " " ,  any 
way his bottom line was the lower you can manage to get your Dose prior to  ibo 
treatment the better! sure makes sense to me, the lower the better  under any 
kick attempt.the catch is I don't know how much Dope you  have done outside of 
mmt these last 12 years But to switch to shorter  acting opiates for a short 
while prior to ibo could be a bad idea after so  long on Mmt ; reason mmt as 
you and I know causes the" blockade effect" and its  true at 120 mg it would 
take huge amounts of smack or very strong pain meds i.e.  oxy,dilauded,morphine 
or fyntanal to even cover your maintenance requirements  & over the two weeks 
say coming off mmt w/ real dope and lots of it you will  no longer have the 
euphoria blocking aspect of mmt.Translate you will be getting  HIGH again, and 
just prior to an ibo treatment and intentions of clean and sober  living from 
there on out? you would be setting your self up for a major relapse  if say the 
ibo doesn't take? and you go back to using DOPE not MMT ,which I know  
personally is not DOPE as a DOPE fiend would like it to be!! you don't need one  
last hoorhaa!! you need to stay focused,Tapper,tapper,tapper, the truth of the  
matter is you will have more success  from say15 to 30 mg methadone habit  then 
the huge heroin habit it would take to fix a 120 mg Jones for a week or two  
prior to ibo  treatment! That's the fact Jack I know as much as the  next guy 
we want to be clean and I mean right now that's why ibo is so  interesting as 
a treatment Right? But after 12 years on mmt don't get in to much  of a hurry 
"Kick to fast it wont last" you start getting high again you might  decide you 
don't want ibo you just want to get high again after 12 boring years  of 
mmt,any way back to the Mexico doctor he said low dose methadone   patients who 
have tapered slowly to a reasonable dose as15-30mg have more  success than 
someone strung on heroin looking for that quick fix! Kick! try a  taper program 5 
mg drop ever 7 days to 40 then 3 to 20 then head to Ibo  treatment. I tapered 
that way and have had very little symptoms and am at 22 mg  and holding until I 
find how to Ibo , Mexico is alittle $$$ for one  dose meds,So 4 months ago I 
was right where you are at 120 , now  I feel  ready for that last good bye, 
pray for me and I for you, Shit  what do I know Im just a dope fiend anyway! but 
hopefully not much longer?
 Sorry for such a long post, but that's all I got to  say ...    
                       LOVE LIGHT INSIGHT, Rerun
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