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sjonny wrote >When I was in the thick of it I saw the obligatory archetypal African warriors<

I myself still haven't ever seen 'em, but who knows what my (far away) future holds?

Peace and love,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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  Thanks Jasen , but hold the congrats' , I'm leaning on benzo's and trying to stop reaching for everything else. A big reduction in the stack of drugs I was taking before would be more than a great result for me and that's on the cards. I have cramps and I'm pretty wired but nothing like the absolute hell I know all too well - I feel very upbeat and positive also.

  When I was in the thick of it I saw the obligatory archetypal African warriors and shaman everywhere - At least it felt obligatory , I still don't know if it's unique to Ibogaine or if it's an autosuggestive thing. What really struck me was the incredible electricity of it all , more than any other hallucinogen I've experienced - I also felt it was very physical , my limbs and the organs in my trunk seemed to spasm and shift as if going through a process only they knew about .I experienced an anxiety about dying in the first couple of hours but felt no need to communicate this as I'd heard and read it wasn't uncommon.

  All in all very intense and an ordeal that was eventually rewarding , there is a nicely fulfilling right of passage feeling also if that makes any sense. Certain sounds (frequencies ?) are still amplified , angular flashes come at me from my peripheral vision and I'm still a little clumsy as my balance is wayward. I seem to have a handle on why I want to use which could be invaluable if it stays with me............ right now hot baths and cold milk are keeping me good. I'm glad I did this !



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      Yeay,..good on you Sjonny,

      Would love to hear where the journey took you. Congratulatons.

                                              love, Jasen
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      Many, many thanks to Howard also - you made all this possible. I thought about that as I was taking off after the first dose.  

       I was using 60mg methadone daily interspersed with around 1, 1+1/2gm. heroin (smoked) twice weekly (more or less, though I cut back the amount of heroin used to about a 1/2 gm. in the two weeks  leading up to the treatment date). I was also drinking quite heavily, not every day but more often than not and this was as big a problem as the opiates if not far worse in terms of my health and state of mind. Right now I have no desire to drink at all.

      I took a final 40mg of methadone 24 hrs. before taking Ibogaine.



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          On Saturday 13th August 11.30.am I took the first of four 300 mg. caps. Ibogaine HCL and took the remaining three in two hour intervals to make up 1200mg .

          Skipping through a few wild days later, I'm still rushing and soaring through waves of shivering euphoria and I'm clean for the first time in ten years. Ibogaine is no picnic and sure enough nobody would take it for kicks but I feel privileged to have had the chance to do this......... !

          Many, many thanks to Ed,


        Thumbs Up!  Keep us informed.  The more information the better.  Can you give us some background on what you were using preibogaine>



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