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In a reply to the plea for some help for Americans willing to pay double  
your expenses to receive this medicine and pass it along. If I am not mistaken  
this is all very legal right?
I have been listening for some time and I enjoy the upbeat message and the  
solidaridy amonst those who have taken the " trip ". I am a bit taken aback by  
any email that implies that if you work hard enough at your "due diligence" 
you  will be "rewarded" at the end. I just can't agree with that logic. I 
understand  the spiritual adventure idea. I believe in it. But the heart of the 
issue for  me, a  12 year 120 mgs. a day methadone patient , is will this  
medicine honestly give me enough room to change, by keeping me free enough  of 
symtpms of opiate withdrawal, that I can still keep up with helping my wife  with 
our sick baby. In another persons situation  it could be other,  equally 
pressing responsibilities that just don't allow for much illness. During  this 
period of the drug helping out I believe people can re-adjust their  "thermostat" 
so to speak. We need people we can hook up with in Canada so  that we can go to 
a local hotel and , with  our own supprt in  place , take a treatment.
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