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and thanks to those of you who aren't sure who they are or their contributions and haven't become a  player in this circle yet.  i want to be well people, reaching out to those I can help, knudging them towards those that can help them, even if it's only in small ways. out in small ways . In the mean time I'll walk my line , not dwell on my circuitous thinking of how it once was for a certain time period.  so long.  . funny how it took me 25 yrs. to figuire that one out... damn dumb i am, in such a smart envirornment.if i message my brain rt. this time.more in details if .  my  brain connects this time, i was the failure but around the small sorts. i need to play w/folks my age..56 and up
rwd, koko the kenai klown ----- last time or first, i think iys a
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  IM in Canada and it still eludes me,thoug NA is not my bag I no longer want my bag to be my bag! If it is not illegal here then those who no need to stop beating round the bush and provide in plain English ware this humane herb is available through, in country that does not persecute for receiving or consuming, YOU know who you are HELP!!!
                                                                       freedom to all, Rerun
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