[Ibogaine] oxy question again an answer from a Klown

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
Tue Aug 16 11:17:32 EDT 2005

in layman's terms,  oxy molecules are coated in plastic.  washing the coating off them and then crushing them and cooking will not change the molecular structure . they are a bitch to eliminate, then there's that whole contin thing which I d/n understand  but hear it adds to the half life.  I really d/n know squat about it but have gleaned some info thru trial and error. they are a bitch to kick,like meth.  get a short acting opiate, not always so easily done i realize, go on it for 2-3 days, then wait 12 hrs. and you can go to bup, or you can go straight to Meth or dope.  Other, more knowledgeable members will know much more than me.  Oxys got me screwed and on the bup train  but it has saved me 1000's in cash.  Now if i can get off bup and have another ibo session, dope free.   pie in the sky.  Koko The Kenai Klown----- Original Message ----- 
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  Im going through oxycontin wd right now.....Although i have only been shooting 3 80's a day for about a month and ahalf I am in agony 

  I know some of u have posted that oxy stays in ur system longer than junk since it is long lasting opiate but if u shoot it or snort it or just crush it up doesnt that release all of the oxycodone>?

  Ah how i wish i had bought the iboga sacre when i had the chance!!

  I guess some of us will never learn!!

  with love


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