[Ibogaine] Bush approves unlimited prescribing of Suboxone?

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Randy wrote >I just don't trust this bupe stuff  for some reason. It seems to be as bad or worse than methadone to get off of.<

When I could sit and tell one of the docs at my pain specialists' office that I used opiates partly due to Hep C and more importantly because they work very effectively for pain, and not wanting to use anything more toxic, like Bup, prefering not to risk such toxic stuff on my liver, he STILL told me "here's a brochure for Bup/Nal, and I think you should think about switching to it," I'm amazed that the propaganda against opiates is so great that even a doc who should know better didn't/doesn't. That stuff scares the heck outta me, as do those pushing it.

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  I watched the sun come up over the hills of KY this mornin'. It fucking rocked. This is a beautiful spot in the world. Anyway after reading this post about bupe I find myself ambivilent. I'm glad that more addicts can get help when they need it, I just don't trust this bupe stuff  for some reason. It seems to be as bad or worse than methadone to get off of. I tried it for two weeks and felt like hell the whole time. Maybe I dissolved it wrong or something. I did what it said to do. Whatever, the whole thing just strikes me funny. I wonder about who is on the board and who makes money on the sale of this substance. It is a patented drug right? What drug company makes it and who is controlling this company? I'm paranoid but it might be worth looking into. They's gonna be sellin' the shit outta this stuff real soon. Maybe we should all buy some stock in it. And by the way, this is on the street for sale too.       "I must be first to get my medication, I'm ALLWAY'S first"..........(Pee Wee Herman)         Randy            
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