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Hi I hope this letter actually makes it to Dana's eyes.
Hi my name is Robert Weppler and I have been influenced by you since  
before I was a teen. And I did not even know it. LOL

Through friends in the early 80's I was exposed to the power of punk  
and the Anti-racist movement. My two fisted bibles were Maximum R&R and  

Later I was lucky enough to buy a copy of the Black Listed news and  
began to know the history of the youth movement I was involved in.
Marches against Cruise missile testing and Legalizing Pot opened me up  
to the power of the people.
Thanks to the School stoppers news. My friends and I put out a school  
zone called NO and by May day 87 we closed the whole school with a Sit  

Well fast forward through the rest of those evil days and I find my  
self in the Down town east side strung out and bitter at the beginning  
of a new millennium.
After finding the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users I became  
interested in organizing and working with my peers to fight this War on  
Freedom and genocide of the Poor called the War on Drugs.
In 2001 I became president of this group and began to work with Marc  
Emory in helping establish the Iboga House up here.
Although there was some problems around safety and success protocols,  
you know how demanding we can be.LOL
The house has been a minor miracle. Especially hopeful with MAPS  

Since Marcs insane arrest last month on behalf of the DEA some of are  
worried how this is going to affect the house and any free treatments  
that were in the works.

Well I just wanted to write and thank you for the long and inspiring  
work that you have done.

I also am wondering how to get back issues or re-prints of the Yipster  
Times and Overthrow.
We need their great news again.

Love and Solidarity
Robert Weppler
Peer 2 Peer
Vancouver Union of Drug Users
No one do Voodoo like VUDU


Anyone show you a copy of "Report on the Staten Island Project: THE  

  It's kind of a sequel to BLACKLISTED NEWS.

I can you copies of both for Ibogatherapy house or VUDU, if you want.

Do you have a copy of Ben DeLoenen's video?


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