[Ibogaine] oxycontin withdrawl & Bupe

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I've never had the misfortune of getting strung out on benzos.  But I can
tell you why you want short acting opiates to detox, because the withdrawal
is shorter.  Longer acting opiates have a longer withdrawal and when you
take your final dose, the length between that dose and feeling normal is
crucial for long term abstinence.  I kicked heroin probably a dozen times,
with and without medications to help, and for me the hardest part, other
than the first few days of panicking about what was to come, was always
after I pretty much felt better physically, usually in the second week.
Because it was right about then that the darkest, ugliest depressions would
just knock my legs out from under me, until I broke down and went out and
scored some relief.  My only experience with actually kicking methadone was
by way of ibo so I can't compare it completely.  But I can say that three
days without methadone was really fucking uncomfortable, not that heroin
withdrawal was a walk in the park, but the methadone withdrawal was
definitely worse.




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Please help me out here if you can.  In most drug tapers, benzos e.g. one
looks for a long lasting drug for the taper so one doesn't hit the peeks and
valleys  so often and have to keep dosing.  allows for a smoother transition
and some other stuff you probably can explain.  In opiates, , with IBO, one
looks for short acting drugs, like heroin, which will clear the system
faster and do some other stuff you can probably explain.  Why the
inconsitent theories on product?  All tailored toward the end sought via the
method?  I'm a bit confused , just a bit but won't beat myself up yet, ron
snipe, punch, whup and thanks, hope it all made sense, if it didn't , don't
tell anyone, let's see if they're smart enough to figure it out, can't find
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Ron <i did online pain management to get on short acting , a little more
expensive but not more than the street, I am also 52 , you can do it if that
is what your intention is, best wishes -shell


Exactly which drug do you mean by short acting?


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