[Ibogaine] Bush approves unlimited prescribing of Suboxone?

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
Fri Aug 12 22:06:58 EDT 2005

that guy will do anything short of what's right. hell, the voter's would 
probably give him a 3rd term if they could.  maybe if we could find the 
source, start our own "elimination team" ..no that's a veiled threat and I 
would never threaten the President  or any member of our gov't . didn't the 
sermon on the mount throw a monkey wrench into this line of thinking for all 
of the believers and wall straddlers?  i'll watch and suffer as i have been 
for however many yrs. it has been. the cynic, the self acclaimed basher, 
jar's half empty, jaundiced eyed, totally off keyed, jester of the list, 
wishing no one harm, inviting digs and snipes, ron..freaking freely within 
the confines of the patriot act[*J ]
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A friend of mine called yesterday and asked me if suboxone was the
same as buprenorphine, and after explaining the differences between
suboxone and subutex, etc, she told me that our illurstious president
(choke-gag-vomit) had lifted the 30 patient per establishment
prescription limit and extended the FDA approval so that buprenorphine
could be more widely distributed.  Does any one know more about this??

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