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> where do we write to?
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 From Saturday, Sept 10 to Sept 16, Global Marijuana March Affiliates 
are holding protests at their local Canadian Embassy or Consulate 
appealing to the Canadian government not to capitulate to the 
outrageous U.S. demand that they extradite Marc Emery to the U.S. to 
face life in prison or a possible death sentence for actions that are 
not even crimes under Canadian Law. We appeal to everyone on the 
Ibogaine list to consider whether you can help organize an additional 
protest with other groups in yr area.

So far 11 Cities are signed up to take some kind of action--Join them 

New York

Marc Emery  is the only major marijuana proponent to start the first 
Ibogaine clinic in Canada after witnessing its miraculous effect on his 
son, a junkie. We cannot allow the U.S., under the rubric of the War on 
Terror, the seize our leaders around the world and bring them back to 
the U.S. to face life in prison or the Death Penalty.

Sept 10 is when they're doing a big protest in Vancouver. It can really 
make a difference if we can all coordinate something with our Vancouver 
people, because most Canadians do not want to give Marc up! (It's a 
sovereignty issue.) The list of Canadian Embassies and Consulates 
around the world can be found at 

Get back to me; it is important that the ibogaine network be seen as 
being able to react globally and do something effective the next time 
the Forces of Darkness try something like this.

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