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Fri Aug 12 03:21:26 EDT 2005

 Hey Mark,

 Mate I understand the anger part. When I came off I could have gone either way. I would walk around the house roaring and screaming frustration out. I think it is
 quite normal for anger and frustration to come up after many years of keeping it at a tolerable level with your drug of choice. 

I would literaly roar,..arrrrrrgh,...farrrrrrrrrrk,..arrrrrrrrrgh,..not blaming anyone or anything just letting it all out. Even though I was pretty much at peace most of the time
I would sometimes experience the opposite of peace and get angry,..not knowing why I was angry. I feel it is a part of the process of healing.

At the chance that it may help,...this is what I did. I made sure I had an outlet,..gym,..going out dancing and dancing and dancing,..punching bags,..socialising
any way I could. I would listen to loud music,..I would allow myself to cry and laugh. Take Magnesium! it helps to calm us,..well it helps me anyway.

Only a real man knows how to cry. We were the downtrodden and we are awakenening,..rising up,..get the f*ck off me you arseholes,..stop treading on me. I am what I am and I am living life, this is what I have chosen to experience.

We have experienced something that most people cannot understand.

                          The force is with you,  love, Jasen
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