[Ibogaine] Gallo Research Center studies cause and treatment of alcohol, drug addiction

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    Since non-N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors
    > mediate Purkinje cell excitation by climbing fibers, we hypothesized that
    > 1-4-aminophenyl-methyl-7,8-methylenedioxy-5H-2,3-benzodiazepine (GYKI-52466), which
    > antagonizes non-NMDA receptors, may have a neuroprotective effect by blocking
    > glutamatergic excitation at climbing fiber synapses. To test this hypothesis,
    > rats were administered systemic ibogaine plus GYKI-52466 and the degree of
    > neuronal injury was analyzed in cerebellar sections. The results indicate that
    > the AMPA antagonist GYKI-52466 (10 mg/kg i.p. x 3) does not protect against
    > Purkinje cell injury at the doses used. Rather, co-administration of GYKI-52466
    > with ibogaine produces increased toxicity evidenced by more extensive Purkinje
    > cell degeneration.

    Does the above property extend to other benzodiazepines?
    ie. could taking Valium with Ibogaine lead to greater brain damage?
    Or am I completely off the mark here?


  If it is not stated it should not be presumed.  For example, I was researching benzodiazepine potentiation of opioid analgesia and thought there would be a good deal of work but not only were there few papers on he issue, they were divided as to outcome: potentiate or antagonize.  Molliver's  work is very complex stuff for us lay people and none of us are taking 100 mg/kg of ibogaine or the doses of whatever exotic benzodiazepine he is reporting on SO, there is no data to go on when it comes to therapeutic doses of ibogaine and therapeutic doses of benzodiazepines in combination except that they have been used for decades without overt signs of toxicity.  That does not mean that Molliver could not discover them to be neurotoxic.  But, be skeptical.  Low dose ibogaine in combination with low dose valium class drugs are widely used.

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