[Ibogaine] old negative claims about M. Emory

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Don't know anything about it at all.... but my Captain senses are telling me
that it couldah just been a ruse by the "other side" to stir up trouble? But
really..... I have no idea..,.
It happens all the time...

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HI all,
    A couple or few year back, I remember a fairly small brouhaha arose when

Emory "apparently" or "supposedly" threatened to give authorities (of where 
I do not know, Canadian or US, I do not know) information about certain 
buyers of his seeds. I do NOT know all the info, and I am NOT supporting the

US feds trying to bring him to serve ANY time in a US jail, but still, I 
want to know the source of the rumor(s) and if there was any basis to them 
whawsoever. If they're false, I want to know that too. So, if anyone knows 
what I'm talking about, please help me out. Thanks.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

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