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Dana Beal dana at
Thu Aug 11 16:24:37 EDT 2005

Doesn't sound like he's just another "multi-millionaire pot dealer"  to 

(Oh...AND he plugs ibogaine!)


Prince of Pot: Marc Needs You!


All my life I've felt destined to represent all the people of the
cannabis culture and now I face my greatest battle. I need your help
and your voice. I need your financial contribution. I need you to
write the Canadian Justice Minister.

I am not afraid. I am proud of all my extensive work on behalf of
this wonderful culture. I have fought our oppression with full
cognizance that consequences of arousing the DEA are dire. But I am
unbowed. I am unapologetic. It is a revolution to overgrow the
government, to liberate our people from the gulags.

Marijuana is the most beautiful plant ever bequeathed to the people,
and the marijuana people are my people, and I am extraordinarily
honored to be your spokesperson.

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