[Ibogaine] oxycontin withdrawl & Bupe

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
Thu Aug 11 00:17:03 EDT 2005

I was caught on the oxy train  and did not want anything to do with meth. 
bup wasn't approved for treating dependency but I found a clinic that sold 
it and rx'd it for "pain" management. It was sold as non addicting or light 
compared to other drugs.  I read the lit in the packages and it stated w/ds 
were light. I was also introduced to benzos at the same time, all new stuff 
for me.  I just knew I had to lose the oxys b.4it killed me.  I now know bup 
is way bad, most providers won't touch you, my stint w/ IBO damn near killed 
me although Tommy, the provider was great.  I d/n realize what a number I 
had done on myself.  I think I need 3 weeks to clear myself at my age and 
only had 10 days b/c of work.  I fear for my life and profession. Anything 
you can throw my way would greatly be appreciated, I.a. titrate schedules, 
etc.I think I'm screwed and want to live again. Can't do IBO b/c c/no get a 
short acting opiate in the bible belt and job requirements. I  truly fear 
for my life. This body is beat. God help me and the others, wish I could go 
to Sara's as she has the handle on this poison. That's my story . Life is a 
chore,  hope it sheds insight into your work and saves my arse.  I was 
desparate. Help if you can, advice, etc. I'm here by my own hand, probably 
die by it. Don't mean to be a downer for the list, just telling a story that 
may help others.  Help is needed. rwd
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> In a message dated 8/10/05 10:09:13 AM, rwd3 at cox.net writes:
> << After several yrs. of riding the bup train, IM, I have found it to be a
> wolf in sheep's clothing.  I loathe the day the Doc told me it wasn't 
> addicting,
> blah, blah...it has a vicious bite on withdrawal..short term only...I'm 
> late
> by several years.  It has kicked me arse many times..strickly harm 
> reduction
> to coin a phrase used by one of our learned members. ron >>
> Hi Ron,
> Language is important here.  Any professional these days would not use the
> term addicting as it has no scientific/academic/medical formal 
> recognition.  The
> drug may not be addicting but, its use over time certainly causes 
> dependence
> and withdrawal you bet.  I am going to look into this further in the
> methadone/buprenorphine side of my world.
> I wouldn't mind list comments on this subject.
> Best regards.
> Howard
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